Vinyl PVC Tape - Made in Germany

A High Quality European tape made in Germany, with a strong 35mu PVC film with a Natural Rubber adhesive for a more aggressive adhesion to cardboard boxes and paper

This adhesive works better in cooler/colder environments than other tape adhesives

Available in 4 different widths and is available in Brown & Clear

We also sell an extra strong Vinyl tape in a 60mu

Also available in Clear

We have sold tapes for many years and our German made range of tapes is second to none. We have sold this range of tapes for over 20 years and we feel it is the best tape on the market. Try it and test it for yourself.

Natural Rubber Adhesive

Our Monta grade of tapes all have a natural rubber adhesive. This forms a strong bond to the cardboard and has a very high initial adhesive strength thanks to its unique flowing properties.

As only 1 layer of adhesive tape is required to securely close the box, less material is used, saving time and money. Rubber adhesive is a more natural adhesive alternative to other adhesive types.

Vinyl PVC Tape - Made in Germany
Brown Vinyl PVC Tape

Brown Vinyl PVC Tape

From £43.90 (exc VAT)
£52.68 (inc VAT)