Stretch Wrap Film

There are four different options and types of films when it comes to stretch wrapping your pallets

3 different types of hand rolls and machines rolls

Blown Film Hand Rolls - Blown hand rolls are the most popular and are used for all types of pallet wrapping, we supply this type in 7 high performance grades, in standard cores (Flush cores) or with cardboard extended cores

Cast Film Hand Rolls - High clarity smooth stretch wrap that is very quiet coming off the roll. Film technology means that the fim once stretch, wants to go back to its original state, thereby enabling a good performance in load stabilisation

Pre Stretch Hand Rolls - This film is pre stretched during the manufacturing process. This film will then give a far greater yield and will it it a a very cost effective pallet wrapping solution

Cast Film Machine Rolls - Used on a pallet wrap turntable, these films are for the bigger volume user and will save a great deal of money, firstly on the film itself and the labour costs as well 

Stretch Wrap Film