Packaging Advice

Packaging Advice

With a wide range of packaging products, backed by unrivalled experience, no one knows packaging quite like us. That's why we're uniquely placed to identify those hidden costs and make objective recommendations to improve your packaging efficiency.

To help you ensure that your products are well-protected in transit and storage, check out our helpful packaging tips below:

Packaging Tips:


  • Choose the right box size for your items. Too large or too small packaging may damage your products.
  • Leave sufficient space for cushioning and ensure you are using the correct cushioning material.
  • Make sure that you use parcel tape to fasten the bottom and the top of your boxes. Use the correct type of tape for your application.
  • Place fragile items in the middle of your parcel and ensure that they do not touch the sides of your packaging.
  • Use padded envelops for sharp and irregularly shaped items to prevent them from piercing the outer packaging.
  • Place heavy and bulky items in the bottom of a box.
  • Wrap each items separately to maximise product protection.
  • Use “Fragile” or “Handle with Care” labels or tape if necessary.
  • Ensure that recipient’s details including their name, address and post code are clearly visible on the parce.l 

 DO NOT make boxes so heavy that they cannot be lifted safely
 DO NOT use a box that’s old, damaged or warn out

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