Cardboard Sheets

We can supply and manufacture a wide range of corrugated sheets in single wall & double wall in a range of thicknesses and different flutes.

We do carry a couple of sizes of sheets in stock, 1200mm x 1000mm in Single Wall & 1830mm x 2440mm in Double Wall.

**Because of the nature of these products in being so large in size and the potential shipping costs, the pricing of these 2 stock lines would be dependant on the quantity that is required and where delivery is to. So please enquire with the sales office and we will be able to provide you with prices. Sometimes the sheets would have to be folded to be able to be shipped. 

These sheets cannot be ordered online, they can only be ordered over the phone.

Please do not hesitate to contact the sales office for any price enquiries you may have and we can also work out the MOQ for you.

The normal minimum order quantity, regardless of whether it is single wall or double wall sheets is 200m² (200 square metres). So as an example, for a sheet that is 1000 x 2000mm the minimum amount of sheets is 100.

Please note that with any bespoke made corrugated sheet there is always a quantity tolerance of plus or minus 10%

In normal circumstances delivery on sheet board orders is 4-5 days, however at the moment the UK is experiencing manufacturing delays due to the demand that has occured during the lead up to Christmas and it is is showing no signs yet of reducing. Therefore we will advise at the time of quoting what delivery schedule we are able to offer.

Sheet sizes

The first dimension when specifying a sheet is always the flute direction (width) and the second the chop (length) - eg 1040 x 1550mm - the flutes will always run parallel to this dimension. Please see attached for a further diagram explaining further.

Cardboard Sheets