BXT3 Friction Weld Strapping Tools

The BXT3 is a heavy-duty friction weld tool that is designed to withstand the everyday rigours of industrial use over many years

A professional lithium-ion powered strapping tool with flexible settings, wide tension range and is compatible with Polypropylene and PET Polyester strapping

Easy to use with a digital HMI interface

Simple operator use and reduced training needs

Secure packaging process. Favourite cycle settings for process repeatability – a World first!

Exact load securement. Actual applied strap tension to the load is indicated in the display panel.

Easy to package sensitive products. Single finger strap tension speed control through finger pressure, so easy to protect load protection etc. – a World first again!

Lightweight. Perfectly balanced tool is light and easy to use.

Industry proven high quality Swiss made parts, for reliability and durability and low cost of ownership over the tool lifetime.

The heavy-duty shock resistant tool housing ensures longevity and provides maximum protection for the battery

Applied Tension Force – 98-1200N
Sealing Method – Friction Weld
Strap Thickness Range – 0.5mm – 1.2mm
Strap Width Range – 13mm – 16mm
Dimensions – 368 x 140 x 135mm
Battery Type – Bosch 18V 2.0A Li-ion
Charge Time – 15 – 30 minutes
Cycles per Charge – 400 to 800

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