Instapak Foam

Protect Anything and Everything, Anywhere in 3 Easy Steps - available in 6 different bag sizes plus a handy starter kit to get started

Instapak in Action - please see the video showing the Instapak bags
Instapak bag video

Instapak Quick RT Foam bags are an easy to use space saving high quality packaging foam.

Simply press the A & B button on the foam bags to activate, and they will slowly inflate underneath and around your product producing an effective protective bag that can expand up to 27 times their original size.

Superior protection for your products of any size with no start up costs or machinery needed, these space saving Instapak Quick Bags take up little space and give your packaging a very professional appearance.

Create Protective Foam Cushions in 3 Easy Steps
1. Press -
Press hard on the A oval to break the seal of foam
2. Pat - Pat back and forth on the A & B ovals to activate the B foam, the foam will mix and start to the expanding process
3. Pack - Put the foam bag in your box, lay your product on top, and you then will have superior foam protection for your products

Instapak Quick Tuff bags also available - The Instapak Quick Tuff bags have a higher density, & stronger foam, that provides even more protection for heavier products or where extra protection is required

Instapak Foam
Instapak Quick Foam Bags

Instapak Quick Foam Bags

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