AirWave Biocompostable Air Pillows

Pacplan Airwave Air Pillow System Machine & Biocompostable Air Pillows and Air Quilted Rolls

The Table Top Airwave dispenses Air Pillows or Air Quilted void fill cost effectively and on demand

It can supply Air pillows & Quilted film for up to 4 workstations

Output 8-10 metres per minute

Machine Dimensions 316 x 413 x 232mm

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Code Description Price Quantity
PW1 Pacplan Airwave Air Pillow System
Price Unavailable
PWF1B-1521 150mm x 210mm Biocompostable Air Pillows x 500M Rolls
Price Unavailable
PWF4B-4235 420mm Biocompostable Air Quilted Rolls x 350M Rolls
Price Unavailable